BOT Conversation Specialist - NLP - Anankei

Brussels BE

BOT Conversation Specialist - Expert

Description: As an NLP specialist, you will be part of a multi-disciplinary and agile team responsible for the implementation and delivery of chatbots and voice assistants.
Concretely, you will work in very close collaboration with the NLP expert of the team, to maintain and design the NLP model(s) of chatbot and voice assistant. You are constantly looking for optimizations to increase the accuracy of our bots. You will be also connected to operational teams working on the training of the NLP and guide them to increase the relevance and efficiency of their work.

Inside the agile team you will also work in close collaboration with conversational designers, who create and write dialog flows:
• you bring the NLP/NLU knowledge to shape successful bot conversations
• you bring your input to improve logic of existing and upcoming flows,
• you work on configuration process
• you can occasionally help in copywriting activities.

Your work will be used in both sales and after-sales contexts for various customer segments.

We are searching for people that have a strong affinity with digital customer needs, that are customer-oriented and that have a flexible, positive attitude, especially with regards to change and digital transformation.


Required competencies
- Strong analytical skills, rigorous and detailed-oriented mindset
- Experience on AI projects, ideally on NLP/NLU of digital assistants
- Strong affinity with digital communication (chat, messaging, …). Experience with chat or social media in a professional context is an asset.
- Good writing skills in at least 2 of the following languages: Dutch / French / English.
- Self-steering
- Experience with working in an agile context is an asset
- Ability to work under pressure

An ideal candidate is…
- Passionate about AI applications in linguistics,
- Aware of AI possibilities and limitations
- Tech-savvy, with first experience in technical/functional analysis of bots
- A good communicator, both with management and with peers
- Creative
- Customer-oriented
- Team player