People Analytics Consultant - Deloitte


Our Consulting practice within Deloitte has a strong reputation and track record as Business Performance Consultants. We are a recognized leader in helping clients solve complex business problems, differentiated by our ability to execute on the advice we provide. Our multi-disciplinary competencies allow us to address CXO issues from every angle.

Our market leading People Analytics pracitce is looking for a People Analytics Consultant to strengthen the team in a wide range of analytics projects related to people strategy, operations and performance.

You will act as an ‘analytics translator’ for our clients, bringing a depth of understanding to how the analysis of complex organizational and people data could unlock fresh insights that address their talent and business-related challenges. Working alongside our team of data scientists, you will translate analytical insights in a simple and powerful manner to our clients. You effectively engage them in such a way that the data/insight result in improved decision-making and enhanced business outcomes.
You will work on strategic analytical projects across a variety of HR and people areas depending on organizational requirements. You will gain exposure in multiple industries and functional areas of people management and human resources (e.g. retention analytics, continuous listening and employee survey management, data-driven employee experience and engagement, and organizational culture).

  • You have a minimum of 2 years relevant working experience including client-facing consulting role(s);
  • You demonstrate the ability to effectively work alongside business leaders and data scientists, translating strategic challenges and opportunities into data and vice versa;
  • You have a solid understanding and appreciation of how global, complex organizations operate and how HR strategies and interventions can improve their organizational effectiveness;
  • You have strong knowledge of -, and hands-on experience with the ins and outs of project management (e.g. defining the project approach, scope and goals, writing proposals, and managing deliverables, timelines and expectations);    
  • You excel in developing and delivering powerful stories from complex data which effectively engage others and result in better decision making;
  • You have an affinity with statistics and data analytics;
  • You operate well in a fast-moving, complex and challenging environment and master the skills of multi-tasking and managing ambiguity;
  • You have a flexible work style and mind-set. The scope and content of work will frequently change depending on the portfolio of projects;
  • You are a self-starter and autonomous performer, yet team player.




  • Master qualification in Organizational or Social Sciences, such as Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Economics, or Marketing, or Sociology;
  • 1-2 years consulting experience performing and overseeing analytical projects in the field of HR / People / Marketing;
  • You have a strong affinity with statistics and data analytics;
  • You are willing to travel (EU);
  • An excellent knowledge of English and Dutch and/or French.


Our offer


  • A challenging, innovating environment where personal development and growth are encouraged;
  • Opportunities for learning where needed;
  • An attractive and competitive salary with fringe benefits;
  • Working within an entrepreneurial team of People Analytics pioneers with ambitious growth plans in the coming years;
  • Our business activities are centralised in Deloitte's Gateway office based in Brussels. Projects could be both nationally (BE) or internationally (EU) based.   

About us

We are a Predictive People Analytics pioneering company of inquiring minds with two passionate founders who explore, probe and challenge conventional wisdom since its startup in 2008. Our added value resides in the combination of scientifically validated analytical methodologies in combination with long-term HR experience. This inter-disciplinary symbiosis of HR and Data Science is what really sets us apart. Our paramount objective is to build predictive People Analytics that reflect the strategic effect of people investments on the performance of organizations. We present powerful evidence that HR can make a deeper contribution to business outcomes by moving from descriptive (mostly related to headcount, cost, compensation) to predictive analytics, determining patterns and predicting future outcomes, potential risks and opportunities for organizations.