Delivery Manager Software Development - Anankei


Job description:

IT eDevelopment is a subdepartment of IT Delivery. Its core activity is to develop and maintain different customer-facing communication channels, such as the company website, the customer portal, e-shop, … At IT eDevelopment, we focus on the customer and search for a perfect balance between flexibility and professionalism, resulting in qualitative deliveries while respecting the deadline.

The Delivery Manager is responsible for the operational impact of the IT eDevelopment department on the internal organization. eDevelopment is a combination of several scrum teams, who are working in sprints of two weeks. The Delivery Manager is responsible for the overall operational coordination and delivery of these teamsn by interacting and engaging with the various scrum masters and senior profiles within those teams. 

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

- Managing delivery, steer cross functional teams towards deliverables. Manage dependencies within different projects and other initiatives.
- Risk Management
- Stakeholder management (including change & conflict management, expectation mgmt. & aligment up to LT level)


Business Expertise:

The Delivery Manager must understand the business, industry and corresponding technology. Besides Telecom knowledge, ICT knowledge is required too as lot of projects need IT adaptations or are dealing with deploying of applications. 

Knowledge must make it possible:

- to identify impact and stakeholders in the organization,
- to guide the teams to define and build optimal solutions taking into account different expectations, 
- to challenge each of the impacted teams, solutions & plans,
- to identify dependencies and conflicts between different teams and projects.
- Experience of the entire project/application lifecycle, especially with regard to delivery, testing, default resolution and recognized development methodologies 
- A good understanding of the company’s organization and corresponding roles is needed as projects have links and stakeholder involvement with finance, purchasing, business, legal, IT,…

Problem Solving:

- Must guide the teams to build possible options and scenario’s with respect to business case, technical solutions etc. in situations with :
* Known technology & business processes
* Solutions must be build on assumptions, which can change.
* Many conflicts of interests, within our clients’organization
* High time pressure, high expectations to deliver very quickly.
- Sparring partner for the key experts/professionals in the team ànd stakeholders.

Interactions/Interpersonal Skills:

The following interpersonal skills are key at expert/ professional level.

- Stakeholder management and perception management
- Excellent influencing skills & negotiation skills.
- Ability to align cross functional stakeholders
- Abillity to build trust, and an open and transparent working climate
- High “get it done“ & mobilization capabilities