Front End JS Developer - SII Belgium

Brussels BE

Job Description:

You will be challenged to participate in the build of reusable code and web components (UI library) taking into account the optimisation of this coding in the context of scalability, response times, availability and costs. Collaboration with a team of JS developers and application teams in agile/scrum methodology.


Minimal 5 years of experience as a professional frontend JS developer, more specifically with experience in React, Typescript en knowledge of styling and creation of web components.

Basis requirements : good knowledge and experience with these technologies :

- Vanilla JS, ES6+
- TypeScript
- WebComponents
- React (JSX)
- HTML 5

Added requirements (plus): knowledge and experience with these technologies :

- Node.js (Express.js)
- Effector
- Yeoman
- Apollo GraphQL
- Docker
- Azure (yaml pipelines, AD)
- Unit- & integration testing (Jest, Cypress, React Testing Library,...)
- headless CMS

Ability to share the experience and coach the colleagues of the development team in React and Node Js in Azure cloud environment.