Product Owner Cloudsense - SII Belgium

Brussels BE

Our Customer in the telecom market is looking for a Product Owner Cloudsense for the enterprise market.

The product owner Cloudsense is responsible for maximizing future and current value creation for the customer by defining, developing and prioritizing the deliverables of his/her squad's backlog in order to achieve tribe goals. He/she aligns the overall product, services and commercial model with customer needs while collaborating with and contributing to high-performing squads.

This role reports to the tribe lead, as leads an agile squad aimed to develop the tools and process required for contract negotiation and lifecycle on a new IT stack, using the Cloudsense platform. This product owner will:

· Build Contract life cycle management (from creation to signature) on the new IT chain
· Build Contract and customer hierarchy structure on the new IT chain
· Build contract management framework & maintenance capabilities to support Opportunity to contract journey’s
· Build and maintain an up-to-date repository of customer contracts and addenda
· Develop simulation/quoting for the Customers SME and corporate products on the new IT chain
· Build process and tools to deliver high quality proposals at the speed of light – Corporate voice

May not
· Micromanage and impose instructions on the squad
· Arbitrarily make commitments on behalf of the squad(s)
· Become a team manager for everyone

· Focus on value creation, growth and customer service for many enterprise products
o Develop own vision and synchronize these with the tribe leads and other relevant POs
o Define MVP, taking into account existing resource constraints.
o Maximize the value of the product/service through its development and implementation
o Maintain the expected level of quality throughout the process based on defined acceptance criteria
o Ensuring that risks and compliance issues are identified and managed

· Setting goals and priorities for the squad
o Building the squad backlog in terms of user stories, prioritizing the items to achieve business objectives and keeping the backlog continuously updated.
o Facilitating squad meetings to update product backlog and in this way ensure correct common understanding
o Interact with other squads and Tribes through ceremonies to support squads transcending tasks and to break silos

· Strengthen the squad/team
o Participate regularly in meetings with chapter lead, agile coach & scrum master to review squad performance
o Create an atmosphere of trust where employees are encouraged to experiment, learn and thus be motivated to achieve the objectives
o Determine the required expertise and product/domain expertise to form a high-performing squad

· Project delivery
o Focus on continues improvements based on the sales feedback
o Active participations in discussions with cloudsense support, sales representatives, cross tribes/applications.
o Identify risk, dependencies in early phase of delivery and mitigation plan
o Participates in meetings regularly with production support managers and closure of incidents.
o Ensuring Improvements in adaption figures of customers.


Behavioral competencies

· Customer focus: always act with the customer in mind, based on customer data and insights
· Creativity : come up with new and unique ideas and easily make connections between new opportunities
· Story Telling : design / write / visualize / tell clearly and in an inspiring way
· Striving for results and decision making
· Conflict Management
· Prioritizing: quickly senses what is efficient to achieve goals
· Planning: can organize work and available resources effectively and efficiently
· Problem solving
· Stakeholder management: can effectively manage complex stakeholder positions and discussions

Technical competencies

· Agile competencies
· Servant leadership
· Collaborative behavior
· Experience working on projects cross-teams and divisions
· Experience and demonstrable knowledge in relevant products/services/segments
· Specific competencies related to the Tribe's mission/area of work

o Strong market orientation for a PO in a Segment tribe

o Strong technical knowledge related to squad activities for a PO in a Product or Enabling tribe

· Ability to work with multiple business owners and stakeholders, proficient in communication
· Proficient in telecom wireless and fixed line enterprise products
· Work closely with Product Management to create and maintain a product backlog according to business value or ROI
· Knowledge of techniques used for prioritizing business requirement is must
· Define Roadmap, product vision
· Proficient in Agile methodology and scrum ceremonies
· Knowledge of JIRA tool is must, should be able slice business requirements into user stories.
· Work closely with architects, designers, Participate in Sprint planning, prioritize stories for each sprint, communicate effectively with Tribe´s members to achieve project goals
· Good understanding of SAFE framework. Lead PI planning, PI closure and Ensure PI commitments are delivered.
· Proficient knowledge of Cloud based COTS product like Salesforce, Cloudsense
· Experience in cloudsense deliveries
. A very good level in English.

Personal Drives.

· Be a role model and Growth mindset
· Believing in a non-hierarchical culture of interaction, transparency and trust in the teams
· Openness to new ideas and the will to develop them together
· A strong sense of importance and the ability to set priorities
· Demonstrate customer obsession and passion for the activity/domain involved