Process Manager - Anankei


Anankei is looking for an experienced Process Manager, for one of our big clients.

Our client provides products and solutions to a wide range of companies within Belgium and its neighboring countries.
Products and solutions range from standardised telco offerings up to complex and tailor-made ICT solutions for various industries.
In that context, they also generate credit notes, and in order to increase the insight and mastery of its composition, the way it is reported, and the way the process of granting credits is running, they are setting up an improvement project.

We're looking for an experienced process manager for the credit note process handling in the professional market.

Your main responsability will be:

Formalize the credit note approval process and update the delegation matrix:
- Make sure that credit notes are fully traceable and identifiable End-to-end, from initial request, over validation and approval steps up to reimbursement
- Make sure a fully operational, simplified and auditable set of delegation rules is implemented and working – ranging from the service agent up to executive and board level.
- A clear R&R for each individual stakeholder in the process and a clear role definition for a future process owner.
- Make sure the process is documented in the central process system and all working instructions are operable in the operational knowledge base.
- Make sure the delegation rules are translated into correct IT requirements for adaptation of the used IT systems.
- Define and implement the proper reporting on the day-to-day operational process and its credit grants.


- You have gained relevant experience in structuring processes and activities in core activities such as contracting, service delivery, billing, customer care in a larger organisation.
- You have a working knowledge of relevant operational processes, such as billing processes, crediting, or finance operations processes and understand their stakes.
- You have at least 5 years experience in process definition and mapping with a clear business goal in mind.
- You have experience with managing multiple stakeholders in a consistent way,
- You have robust skills in presenting your analytical work in a compelling and attractive management presentation, so as to leverage buy-in with managers.
- You have experience with documenting processes in various ways.