Lead Rollout Engineer - Anankei


For the IT integration of a Belgian multinational in a global food & beverage group, we’re looking for a detail oriented rollout engineer 
who can take the lead in a combined Pc AD migration and Onedrive migration in multiple EU countries.

What you’ll do
You will join a team of rollout engineers to do the the migration of users’ documents to Onedrive for all users in Belgium. 
In addition, you’ll also start to prepare a pilot for the pc AD migration. After the necessary changes have been implemented, we’ll start to combine both migrations to have minimal impact on our 
business and production colleagues. You’ll take the lead for a few sites abroad, where you’ll do the migrations in cooperation with another Rollout engineer. 
You’ll work in close cooperation with the communication officer, the migration coordinator/planner, the other rollout engineer(s) and the project manager.


Required hard skills:

- Full proficiency of English & Dutch, good knowledge of French or German preferred.
- Minimum 5 years of IT experience, 2 years of experience in workstation migration projects is a must.
- Perfect understanding of Windows 7 & Windows 10, folder redirection, offline files, OneDrive, Active Directory, Group Policies, pc hardware. 
- Good understanding of the common networking protocols, network components, encryption, network & file security
- Good understanding of Word and Excel.
- MCP or MCSA certificates in Windows 7 and 10 are self-evident.

Required soft skills:

- Our customer is looking for someone who is human, emotionally mature, motivated, honest at all times, professional, communicate well & diplomatically, 
assertive when needed, independent, have a flexible mindset when situations change, a team player, perform well when needed, and someone who’s 
physically able to laugh and can even make a joke.