ICT Operations Officer - Anankei


Our client has identified a need to perform several activities within processes owned by ICT Operations

Those activities belong to processes such as Disaster Recovery Plan testing; production environment
intervention coordination; (limited) process changes management; customer survey satisfaction,
service catalog management…

Mission Description:

1. Familiarisation of the company's ICT environment (organisation, stakeholders, processes, etc.)
2. Planning, scoping, communication of the different activities with the main stakeholders
(accounting for diverging constraints, diversity of applications ecosystems,…)
3. Coordination and preparation of the activities with the different involved teams
4. Coordination and execution when deemed relevant of the activities
5. Reporting (KPI, dashboarding)
6. Follow-up and suggestion of improvement

Note that the above list is not exhaustive and other typical tasks and/or deliverables may be
identified after the start of the mission.


Required hard skills:

Min 5 years with specific experience as follows:

1. Incident Management in general and Disaster Recovery Plan/Emergency Plan testing in particular
2. Change Management in general, with specific hands-on on software commissioning
3. General knowledge of Microsoft Office (in-depth knowledge of Excel is a plus) and typical enterprise applications.

Required soft skills:

The following soft skills are considered in descending order of importance

1. Knowledge of stakeholder and communication management
2. Being structured and meticulous
3. Assertive communication skills in order to involve the impacted business and technical stakeholders correctly.
4. Ability to work properly under stress 


- The consultant must be able to communicate, both orally and written, using English, with
either Dutch and/or French as additional communication languages.

- Given more than one proposed candidate with similar level of competences (see above), a
tri-lingual consultant will be preferred over a bi- or mono-lingual consultant.