Acquisition Patrimony Specialist - SII Belgium

Brussels BE

Our Customer in the telecom sector, is looking for a Acquisition Patrimony Specialist to carry out various activities around the acquisition of lease contracts with landlords, obtain environmental and urban planning permits as well as ensure the management of assets in order to be able to build or carry out works (on) telecom sites.

Many duties:
- Establish, negotiate and follow up contracts in their entirety and ensure the necessary information exchange in order to guarantee the construction, maintenance and continuity (sustain coverage) of the telecom sites and to maintain the price of rents in line with the market and reasonable

- Analyse the feasibility and advise as the lead expert on all rules and procedures regarding urban planning and environmental permits, negotiate with internal and external stakeholders and assist and advise them in the execution of their work in order to obtain the permits in compliance with the legislation in force

- Carry out all activities related to the administrative management of contracts with landlords and follow up on the payment of municipal/regional/provincial taxes for telecom sites, with the support of the legal department, in order to ensure that contracts are respected and to guarantee an asset adapted to the needs of the organisation

- Lobby and influence, in collaboration with colleagues, new and changing legislation to obtain permits in compliance with current legislation

- Ensure and maintain good relations with landlords and private companies in order to guarantee long term relationships and thus maintain reasonable and market conforming rental prices

- Ensure the budgetary follow-up for all its activities and inform the different stakeholders involved in order to respect the defined budgets

- To be constantly informed of the evolution and development in the field in question, in order to reinforce the credibility through a service that is permanently based on updated knowledge and to anticipate the evolution of the market.


- Bachelor degree
- 5 years of relevant experience
- Computer literate, good Microsoft Office skills, capacity to learn internal applications/tools (eg. lease management db)
- Language: NL/EN or FR/EN

- Ability to understand the nitty-gritty details, synthesise them and present to middle/high management
- Ability to work independently, in a team environment, and to work on multiple projects simultaneously
- Interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
- Confident
- Eye for details
- Open-minded
- Opinionated
- Patient
- Procedural