Cloud Architect - Anankei

Brussel BE

For a big client in the financial sector, we are looking for an experienced Cloud Architect.

Your mail focus will be to facilitate/support the transition towards public cloud AWS:

- Translate cloud integration patterns into technical design (documentation + PoC)
- Structure & define and document standards & guidelines
- Provide reusable assets based on the technical design
- Write code samples/libraries facilitating interaction with AWS services
- Participate in community animation:coaching, presentations
- Follow-up AWS services evolution and propose improvements


- Strong experience in Cloud (min 5 years) - focus on AWS first
- Knowledge of Enterprise Integration: AWS Integration services, API Management, ESB and EDA capabilities
- Broad knowledge of Cloud patterns and services
- AWS - FaaS: guidelines on how to develop new applications in serverless
- AWS - IT automation : experience setting up enterprise-grade CI/CD pipelines (CodeBuild, CodePipeline)
- EDA: AWS (Kinesis, MSK)
- API governance with AWS API-GTW and Azure API management
- Development (Java - Python - Cloudformation) and Architecture background"
- Experience with a similar mission in a big company is essential for this project